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Scaling & Root Planing in Grand Junction, CO

Periodontal disease is the single most common reason for tooth loss in adults. As your Grand Junction Dentist, Dr. Helgerson may recommend you get your teeth scaled and cleaned, beyond a traditional teeth cleaning. A deep teeth cleaning is designed to help treat chronic periodontal disease by removing plaque from beneath gum lines with a scaling procedure or nerve-damaging bacteria that cause inflammation of gums during root planning. 


Root planning is the process in which any area of the tooth root that is infected by bacteria is cleaned. The treatment involves removing plaque and tartar, as well as smoothing away rough patches where it sits beneath your gum line. Scaling clears away those pesky layers of plaque or tartar on surface levels above your gums too! These two procedures are vital to maintaining a healthy mouth for years to come!

Scaling & Root Planing FAQ

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