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Benefits of Composite Fillings

The Benefits of Composite Resin Fillings

When it comes to correcting the damage caused by tooth decay and cavities, composite resin fillings are becoming increasingly popular. The fundamental reason is that resin fillings are more closely related to the color of natural teeth. Thus, allowing them to treat cavities in both the front and back teeth. Secondly, they do not contain mercury, which might cause long-term health consequences owing to mercury off-gassing over time. Below, our dentist in Grand Junction CO shares the benefits of composite resin fillings. 

The Benefits of Composite Resin Fillings in Grand Junction CO

Composite resin fillings are popular among our Grand Junction CO dentist and patients for various reasons. Mainly because they are tooth-colored and repair a range of aesthetic concerns like cracks and chips. They may also be used on both the front and back teeth with effectiveness.

Less Drilling Is Needed

If you are familiar with amalgam fillings, you are aware that a substantial piece of your natural tooth and the decaying areas of the tooth must be removed to install the filling. This might result in a general weakening of the tooth structure.

Attaches to Pre Existing Tooth

Another significant advantage of composite fillings is attaching them to your natural tooth. Onlays and overlays are the two most common forms of composite resin fillings. These are handcrafted in a laboratory. When they come to our dentist’s office, they will prepare your tooth and place a bonding agent in it. Finally, the only will be included. This only then hardens and attaches to the native tooth, providing additional support.

They Are Quick, Hardening In A Few Seconds

Following the filling placement in your tooth, a particular sort of light is introduced in your mouth and positioned above the filling. This reduces the time it takes for the bonding agent to solidify. The filler cures and hardens in less than a minute in most cases.

Composite Resins Can Be Used to Fix Cracks & Chips

Composite resins can also be utilized to repair tooth chips and cracks. Also, composite resin fillings are great for mending chips and cracks in visible teeth. This is because of their rapid bonding, durability, and tooth-colored appearance. Additionally, they can be utilized to make resin veneers, which may help make your teeth seem brighter.

They Are Repairable

Composite fillings can be corrected if they begin to deteriorate. This implies that if our dentist sees a deterioration in the structure of the filling using an intraoral camera, or if the packing is accidentally damaged due to prolonged chewing or teeth grinding, our dentist can clean the region and restore the filling.

They Can Replace Older Fillings

If you are concerned about the health repercussions of your old amalgam fillings, our Grand Junction Co Cosmetic Dentist may remove them and replace them with a composite resin filling. This will eliminate the mercury from your mouth and make your teeth seem brighter.