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How to Improve Your Smile

How to Improve Your Smile in 2022

Is improving your smile one of your New Year’s resolutions? There’s never a bad time to do something special for yourself. Today on the blog, our cosmetic dentist in Grand Junction shares how to improve your smile in 2022. 

Straighten Your Smile

Straighter teeth are on many people’s wish lists, and there are several alternatives to traditional metal braces for teens and adults. Plastic aligners such as Invisalign are a popular choice. They can straighten teeth that are moderately crooked, crowded, or gapped. People like that they are clear, so they are quite discrete, and that they can be removed. Unlike braces, which are solely available through orthodontists, Invisalign is available from a variety of dental practices.

Whiten Your Smile

According to an American Dental Association research, one in every four persons avoids smiling because they are self-conscious about their teeth. The popularity of teeth whitening solutions appears to show that dull, discolored teeth may be a contributing factor.

If a whiter, brighter smile is on your agenda for 2022, you have several possibilities. Whitening toothpaste, rinses, and gel strips are available at any medicine shop. They differ greatly in terms of price and effectiveness. In this article, we made some comparisons.

Our dentist in Grand Junction can give stronger and more effective tooth whitening procedures. Ask us about our professional teeth whitening in Grand Junction today!

Icon Therapy

Do you have white spots on your teeth that disturb you? Fluorosis, demineralization, trauma, poor dental care, or discoloration after orthodontic treatment are all common causes of these minor faults. Icon treatment is a revolutionary cosmetic therapy that helps people to get rid of unsightly white spots without any pain. Patients who wanted these white spots removed formerly had to undergo injections, drilling, and resin or porcelain restorations.

Dr. Ryan Helgerson, the best dentist in Grand Junction, is delighted to provide patients more straightforward choice. Consider undergoing icon therapy at our dental clinic if you have white spots on your teeth. Please contact our Grand Junction CO dentist office now to schedule a consultation!

Replace Missing Teeth

It’s advised not to put off replacing a missing tooth for too long. Leaving a gap might cause teeth to shift. It will obstruct normal tooth alignment and the way teeth come together. If you have a missing tooth, make a resolution to replace it by 2022.

Dental bridges literally span the space between two teeth. Dental Crowns Grand Junction linked to existing teeth on either side of the space hold an artificial tooth (or teeth) in place. It is a relatively non-invasive method of replacing a missing tooth.

Dental implants Grand Junction CO have grown in popularity. Unlike bridges or regular dentures, they must be obtained through surgery. In the jaw bone, a titanium post is placed. After that, a permanent crown is placed on top after a period of recovery. Implants are long-lasting and have the appearance and feel of natural teeth. They are a wonderful alternative for replacing a missing tooth as long as the jawbone is robust enough for the treatment and the patient isn’t looking for a “fast cure.”

Great-Looking Gums

If you put off replacing a lost tooth, you may get ridge augmentation, a condition in which the unsupported gums begin to sink in. This can be remedied with laser gum reshaping. It may be required following the placement of a dental bridge or implant. Our friends at Kissing Camels Family Dentistry, Colorado Springs dentist, explain that is also sometimes used for gums that have been affected by periodontal disease.

Even in the absence of dental restoration or periodontitis, some people may choose gum contouring for cosmetic reasons. They may believe that their smile displays too much or too little gum. Reshaping, also known as gum contouring, might help patients get the smile they desire.

Get Rid of Bad Habits

There may be nothing substantial on your dental to-do list in 2022, but there are still some things you can do to improve your smile. There are numerous personal habits that can destroy teeth or make them appear unappealing.

It’s no secret that smoking is bad for you. Tobacco products contain tar and nicotine, which can discolor your teeth and cause poor breath and dry mouth. Consider quitting smoking for good in 2022.

Other activities, such as ice munching or using your teeth as a tool, can wear down enamel and possibly crack or chip a tooth. It’s time to put an end to this once and for all. If you grind your teeth at night, you might consider purchasing a bite guard or mouthguard to help you stop.

Make a Commitment To Your Teeth

 Committing to your dental care routine is one of the best things you can do in 2022 to improve your smile. We all know we should clean and floss our teeth on a regular basis, but it’s human nature to slack off from time to time. In the new year, resolve to develop and maintain good dental habits.

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A new year means a fresh start and new possibilities. If you want to improve your smile in 2022, go ahead and do it! Contact Bookcliff Family Dental today.