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Healthy Teeth For Thanksgiving

Healthy Teeth For Thanksgiving 2021

Food, family, football. If that’s the holy trinity of Thanksgiving for you, you’re not alone. When you’re preparing your food, you want to make sure its tasty without compromising your dental health. Below, our Grand Junction CO dentist shares tips for healthy teeth for Thanksgiving.  

What Are Some Tooth-Friendly Thanksgiving Appetizer Ideas?

It wouldn’t be a vacation without some munching and grazing before the big reveal. Below, our Grand Junction dentist shares these healthy hand-held options:


Cheese, whether in slices, cubes, or spreads, contains calcium, which helps to strengthen your teeth. Additionally, our family dentist Grand Junction shares that dairy helps prevent cavities.

Raw Vegetables

The mere act of nibbling on raw veggies from a crudités tray generates more saliva, which aids in the removal of remaining germs.

Nuts, Calcium & Other Minerals

Additionally, minerals found in nuts help to strengthen and remineralize teeth. Our friends over at Gentle Dental Group, Loganville dental office and chewing these crunchy bits produces additional saliva, which helps to prevent decay.

What Are Some Tooth-Friendly Thanksgiving Side Dish Options?

Some argue that it is the side dishes that have made Thanksgiving into the occasion that it is. We can’t alter your taste buds’ thoughts, but we can propose a handful that stand out when it comes to dental health.

Sesame-Seared Green Beans

While green bean casserole is a popular dish, consider sautéing your green beans in sesame oil. For a little crunch, sprinkle with sesame seeds (or a few fried onions).

Cranberry Sauce with Fresh Cranberries

Not the canned jello-shaped thing. We’re talking about the real thing: fresh cranberry sauce. In fact, our Grand Junction CO dental office explains cranberries inhibit some enzymes in plaque bacteria, rendering them susceptible.

What Are Some Tooth-Friendly Thanksgiving Main Course Options?

You may stick with the tried-and-true meal that helped put Thanksgiving on the map. Alternatively, you can deviate from the script and choose a main dish with fewer feathers.


The bird is the word, whether it’s roasted, fried, or grilled. This Thanksgiving centerpiece is strong in protein and phosphorus, which helps to build bones and teeth while mineralizing them to prevent cavities. However, keep floss on hand since turkey usually finds a way to get trapped between your teeth.


While it is traditionally designated for a certain spring occasion, ham is pretty tasty. But, according to Delta Dental, it’s also nutritional, since only 3 oz. delivers 15% of your needed daily zinc, which assists in gumline tissue replenishment.

What Are Some Tooth-Friendly Thanksgiving Dessert Ideas?

Sweets after a meal might help stimulate saliva and wash away your autumn feast. Again, you have the option of either the standard route or the less sweetened route.

Yogurt-Dipped Fruit

Simple, refined, and naturally sweet. By slicing up some pears and serving them with a delightful dip of Greek yogurt, honey, and cinnamon, you’ve created a dish that rivals any baked item at the end of your meal. The acid on your teeth is combated by the fresh pears. The calcium and phosphates in yogurt help to keep your teeth strong. You also have a natural antimicrobial in the form of honey. That’s a delicious trifecta.

What Are Some Tooth-Friendly Thanksgiving Beverage Options?

Washing down your food, regardless of the season, may significantly enhance your dental health. Keep the lagers and ales in the fridge and go for something a little lighter on the palate.

Tea and Water

Did you know that fluoride in your tap water can help repair acid-damaged enamel? Did you know that green and black tea can destroy germs that cause cavities? And did you know that if you prepare tea using tap water, you’re crushing it in terms of dental health? Yep. Everything is true.


Wine includes chemicals that can lower the amount of acid in some bacteria present in your mouth by up to 85 percent. The truth is delicious when it is uncorked.
There are plenty additional foods that we did not mention. But, like with everything else in life, you should enjoy them in moderation.

Enjoy Your Thanksgiving and Contact Bookcliff Family Dental For Tooth Cleaning

So you have the option of keeping your menu traditional, or rapidly pivoting from a typical meal and putting your healthy twist on it. Keep in mind that this is only one day out of the year. Brushing, flossing, and mouth rinsing on a regular basis will keep your smile happy and healthy all year.